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Tendernotice.com.np is an online Bid and Tender Portal Services that helps to manage all bids, tenders and related notices through website. All tender notices published in various newspapers in Nepal are collected and posted in the portal site daily basis. Users can access and download tender documents, receive through their emails right after tender publish and manage bids and tenders completely through online after registration. It simply facilitates and manages all bids and tender process in a simple manner for all users.

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Latest Tenders / Notices

Nepali Date English Date

S.No. Notice Publisher Description Published Date Last date of Submission Published Date Submission Date Notice Category Industry Product/Service Newspaper No of Days Left Notice Image
1 Mahalaxmi Municipality, Dhankuta award Notice 2023-11-29 2023-12-05 Award Notice Government/ Ministries/ Departments Collection of TAX Himalaya Times (Nepali) 5 days Tender Notice Nepal-Himalaya Times (Nepali) Award Notice-Mahalaxmi Municipality, Dhankuta
2 yertale Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited, Auction of colletral 2023-11-29 2024-01-02 Auction Banking/ Finance /Insurance Collateral Assets Himalaya Times (Nepali) 33 days Tender Notice Nepal-Himalaya Times (Nepali) Auction-yertale Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited,
3 NMB Bank Limited, Krishna Tower, Bijuli Bazar Proposals for Canteen/Cafeteria Services 2023-11-29 2023-12-15 Proposal Banking/ Finance /Insurance Tourism/ Hotel/ Travel/ Airline Annapurna Post 15 days Tender Notice Nepal-Annapurna Post Proposal-NMB Bank Limited, Krishna Tower, Bijuli Bazar
4 Road Division Mahendranagar,Kanchanpur. Invitation for bid for road work. 2023-11-29 2023-12-29 12:00 Tender Government/ Ministries/ Departments Construction/ Building Himalaya Times (Nepali) 29 days Tender Notice Nepal-Himalaya Times (Nepali) Tender-Road Division Mahendranagar,Kanchanpur.
5 Compact Town and Building Construction Project kathmandu notice 2023-11-29 2023-12-13 Notice Government/ Ministries/ Departments Construction/ Building Himalaya Times (Nepali) 13 days Tender Notice Nepal-Himalaya Times (Nepali) Notice-Compact Town and Building Construction Project kathmandu

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About TenderNotice

Bid and Tender issue process is one of the prime business activities related to procurement of goods and services in any institutions. In today’s information technology driven business scenario, the need for information on online bid and online tender environment is essential for both the public and private sector organization.

Keeping this in view HARATI Software has developed online Tender Notice and Tender News portal called TenderNotice.com.np.

TenderNotice.com.np is an e-Tender service providing portal provides information on any business opportunities, Bids Notices, Tender News etc. on the same day notice is issued on newspaper.

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How does it work?

TenderNotice.com.np primarily provides all Bids and Tender notices published in all daily newspaper of Nepal.Tender Notices from Government, Private and Non Government and any other institutions are posted online and the users can access and download tender documents.

TenderNotice.com.np is one of the key sources of information for online tenders news and information. Those sources include Invitation of Proposal, Quotation, Request For Proposal (RFP) including Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal, Expression of Interest (EOI), Enlistment etc.

How to use?


The TenderNotice.com.np is user friendly and easy to use. You just have to go through the registration process and become a registered user. After you are satisfied with trial, you need to become a paid member to be fully able to use the software. There are several payment methods that you can easily be a member. After you have become paid member you can view all the tender notices simply by logging in. You can download, save, email and print the necessary tenders.

You can also create your own profile and update and keep information bidding information, competitor’s bid information, upload relevant documents. Also you can tag notices if you are interested to participate for bidding. The system will alert you as the tender participating days is approaching.

These numerous functions of TenderNotice.com.np makes it effective in tender management and help users to view all tender notices in one place making it easier in bidding process.

What Benefits you will get?

TenderNotice.com.np reduces the need to go through many newspapers just to view tender notices and helps save both time and money.
TenderNotice.com.np is one of key informative Tender Sites in Nepal providing all notices, news and information of Bids and Tenders.

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