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We are aware that carrying out all the activities in terms of marketing and business promotion requires some assistance and alliance from the second party for better management of services and for providing quality service. Keeping this in view we welcome alliance from individuals and companies who are working in similar field like us and are interested in partnering with us for TenderNotice.com.np- our latest cloud based tendering software.

For the benefit of both the parties working together, we provide opportunity for individual or company interested in promoting TenderNotice.com.np.

We have introduced various partnership programs for TenderNotice.com.np.

Partnership Programs

You can now offer wider and more valuable TenderNotice.com.np services to your client and other businesses by coming together with us. Join our Partner program and this will help you to learn, master and utilize your skills to promote TenderNotice.com.np in a great deal.

Referral Partner

You can refer clients to us and our trained and professional staffs will carry out necessary tasks required in subscription process. You will be entitled defined commission for each referral. You are required to maintain certain number of clients on specified period and receive enhanced benefits. Or you can simply refer clients as per your ease. We deal with the customers and cut you a commission check. Coming together as a referral helps you earn in an easy way.

You can simply share using our available tools to become our referral partner and start earning. Click here to go Sharing tool.

Tender Notice-Feature Referral
Tender Notice-Second Feature Trusted
Tender Notice-Third Feature Co-branding

Share & Earn Step by Step Guide

Click below to download Partner step by step Guide in English and Nepali.

English नेपाली

Partnership Program Benefits

  • Contribute in promotion through advertisement in local newspaper
  • Provide adequate brochures, catalogues and pamphlets
  • Promote partner through various media: Website, facebook, newspaper ad etc.
  • Promote partner through other social media focusing on partner’s area
  • Website design depicting partner’s profile and products.

We provide Free Seminar and Training on our Partnership Programs

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